Mazabi buys Hotel Soho Boutique Palacio San Gabriel

Madrid-based Mazabi has bought the 4-star Hotel Soho Boutique Palacio San Gabriel located in Ronda, Malaga which was built during the XVIII century.

In total, the 22-suite hotel has 1.242 sqm, spread across 4 floors (ground floor, first, second and attic). The common include lounges, a terrace, cinema, café and wine cellar.

According to Juan Antonio Gutiérrez, Mazabi’s CEO, «The Hotel Palacio San Gabriel is a unique asset for its architecture, history and location. It allows us to complement our portfolio with a hotel that has much substance and family tradition and whose management and operation are highly regarded by the clients»

Mazabi’s goal for 2020/2021 is to «continue its growth plan, by creating a portfolio with diversified assets located in strategic locations in the main Spanish cities». In order to achieve it, the company expects to reach a portfolio under management estimated at more than 3 billion euro within three years. But it should be noted that the expected investments will not be carried out in Spain alone, but also in «other strategic locations across Europe».

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