Silicius requests REIT status

Silicius has formally requested its incorporation into the SOCIMI regime as a preliminary step pre-IPO. Prior to its debut on the stock market, Silicius has set itself the objective of growing through monetary and non-monetary contributions, as well acquisitions with a current pipeline of c. €300 million.

Silicius is one of various funds managed by Mazabi, a multi-family office which was founded in 2009. In the six years since Mazabi’s inception, its volume of assets under management has increased to over €1 billion.

With the conversion of this vehicle into a Spanish REIT, the parent company, Mazabi, will take an important step in the corporate reorganization process it has been carrying out in recent months.

In fact, following the investment vehicle’s last capital increase, the gross asset value of its portfolio of 33 properties exceeds 400 million euros.

The CEO of Silicius, Juan Díaz de Bustamante Ussía, has explained that once they “have completed the ongoing growth strategy and internal corporate configuration, Silicius will be listed in the most favorable window for shareholders». The fund’s portfolio includes hotels, shopping centers and retail units, mainly, in addition to offices and logistics assets.

Featured in the photo above, is Silicius’ latest incorporation: a 98% let retail park in the town of Los Barrios on the Bay of Algeciras in a deal which was carried out through a capital increase for a non-monetary contribution of c. €20 million.

Silicius’ strategy is aimed at purchasing assets with stable long-term income and they recently became members of Asocimi, an Spanish REIT association currently composed of 28 SOCIMIs.

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