Chile’s Lukšić family has long term commitment to Spanish property

According to Óscar Lería Chateau, president of OSLER Inversiones, 《the Lukšić family has been investing intermittently in Spain but have decided to stay for the next 40 years and create something that will prevail》. It was, in fact, Óscar’s Spanish vehicle OSIM Inversiones S.L. that paid €30 million last year for a 40,000m2 plot of land in Pozuelo. OSIM acted on behalf of Wildsur, Paola Lukšić’s family office and they plan to develop 396 new homes in the wealthy north-eastern suburb of Madrid.

The Chilean Lukšić family, of Croatian origin, has other residential projects in Spain including Alcazaba Lagoon on the Costa del Sol where they plan to invest €480 million to develop 78 luxury villas and a crystalline lagoon on a 1.4-hectare plot. Alcazaba Lagoon is located in the sought after beach town of Casares, the same place where the Mohinani family recently completed a hotel acquisition. In addition, OSIM is working on a 55-home development in Estepona as well as project in Torremolinos.

In 2012, the Lukšićs purchased nº33 Velazquez, the building that housed the emblematic Hotel Adler and have repositioned it as an office building. In addition, they are present in Madrid’s high street market with over €60 million invested in various stores on Calle Serrano.

This week, the family has decided to sell their office building on Plaza de la Lealtad nº2. The 3,000m² property is located in an iconic enclave next to the Hotel Ritz and was purchased for €20 million at the end of 2012, when international capital was fleeing the Spanish property market. The vendors expect to obtain €30 to €35 million having carried out a full refurbishment of the property which has six storeys as well as a penthouse floor.

About Osler

OSLER Inversiones was founded by Oscar Lería Chateau in 2011, with the objective of consolidating his real estate, forestry, agricultural and other investments under one structure. Through OSLER he has begun to incorporate the next generation of the family, which includes 5 children, and his wife Paola Lukšić, in order to help foster the continued development of new projects. Its first milestone was the purchase of 1,045 hectares of urban land located in Puchuncavi (Chile’s Valparaíso region). Since then, the company has managed and developed several housing and office projects in Chile and Spain.

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