Siamese Dream lists €10M Barcelona high street portfolio

Photo of Miguel Laborde and Gerard Marcet (Source: Laborde Marcet)

Known as «Portfolio Slater», Siamese Dream S.L., is selling a portfolio of 6 high street properties located in the city of Barcelona. The limited liability company is administered by Miguel Angel Laborde Pelegri and Gerard Marcet Sole, owners of Laborde Marcet, a local real estate agency which they founded in 2009.

The assets are located in popular commercial arteries of Barcelona, including streets like Princesa, Escudellers, Cardenal Casañas, Blai and Rambla Guipúzcoa. The key property in the portfolio is nº 12 Ronda Universidad which has a GLA of close to 500 m2 and is let to restaurant operator, Taco Alto. The portfolio is reportedly on offer at a yield of above 4% and includes nº 40 Calle Princesa; nº 28 Blai Street; nº 5 Cardenal Casañas; nº57 Rambla Guipúzcoa and nº 35 Escudellers.

Gerard Marcet, founding partner at Laborde Marcet, says that «having this type of assets for sale is a great opportunity for any investor, since the Barcelona market is undergoing a period of enormous real estate vitality. And to be able to acquire commercial spaces in Barcelona’s prime areas right now is very hard due to the clear unbalance between offer and demand, which leads to a lack of availability for good quality properties».


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