Testa Residencial SOCIMI, S.A.,

Testa Residencial SOCIMI, S.A.,

Santander sells another 10.6% of Testa to Blackstone

Santander has sold a 10.62% stake in Testa Residencial, SOCIMI, S.A to Blackstone for €201M, granting Blackstone control of 80.63% of the Spanish REIT and whilst retaining 18% of the vehicle.

Spain’s largest bank had initially agreed to sell only 7.76% of the listed property fund, however following this divestment it will have offloaded a total stake of 18.44% for close to €349M

Blackstone is in the midst of an attempt to buy another 702,508 shares of Testa shares which are currently by minority shareholders and represent an additional 0.53% stake in of the vehicle. Following this acquisition, the US fund is offering these shareholders €14.32 euros per share, the same price paid to Santander, BBVA, Merlín Properties and Acciona and 3% higher than the IPO price of €13.9 at which the REIT made its debut in July. As at COB today the share is trading at €14.30 per share.  The bid for the minority shareholders of Testa amounts to an estimated €10 million and will run for one month, until December 20th, 2018.

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