Henares Corridor (OpenStreetMap)

Henares Corridor (OpenStreetMap)

DTL completes largest sale of industrial land of 2018

Desarrollos Tecnológicos Logísticos (DTL),has completed the sale of 355,000m² of industrial land in the so-called «Puerta Centro – Ciudad del Transporte» located in the towns of Guadalajara and Marchamalo. The majority owner of DTL is Hercesa and the buyer, Montepino Logística, intends to develop 2 large industrial platforms on the plots. In a first phase, which will begin immediately, a 115,000m² platform will be built and a second 80,000m² warehouse will be developed later.

This is considered a first step towards reactivating the Puerta Centro project, an important logistics centre which will be endowed with a technological and business park. The Henares Corridor includes highly industrialized towns of the Madrid and Castilla La Mancha regions such as Coslada, San Fernando de Henares, Torrejon de Ardoz, Alcalá de Henares, Azuqueca de Henares and Guadalajara, which make up an urban agglomeration of over 600,000 inhabitants, and an urban industrial continuum with industrial and business parks developed around the main communication axes. The Strategic Plan for the Henares Corridor aims to create the main dry port and transport hub of the Iberian peninsula. In a first phase, a 115,000 m² platform will be built and it will be followed by another 80,000 m² warehouse to be developed later. The deal was advised by Madrid based consultancy firm, ProEquity.

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