Inditex Group ranked top 5 by Fortune

Inditex Group ranked top 5 by Fortune

Fortune places Inditex in Top5 world-changing companies.

The Inditex Group (BME: ITX) which owns Zara, Lefties, Bershka and other coveted tenants for funds investing in Spanish real estate, has been ranked a top 5 world-changing company by Fortune Magazine. Their fourth annual ranking of companies that are using profits to help the planet and tackle social problems has recognized efforts by the Galician-based company to steadily shift production to suppliers with stronger safety records. In 2017, 95% of Inditex’s products were made at those better factories, up from 80% in 2012 and well above industry averages.

Inditex has also proved that implementing ethical standards doesn’t go against making profits as it has posted 7% annual sales growth since 2012. The company also plays an important role in the empowerment of women investing heavily in training on worker safety and encouraging women — which represent 85% of its factory staff— to recognize gender discrimination and defend their rights.

Fortune has made a list of 57 companies and their top 5 is as follows:

THE TOP 5 Company Origin INDUSTRY
1 Reliance Jio Indian Telecommunications
2 Merck German Pharmaceuticals
3 Bank of America USA Banking
4 Inditex Spain Specialty Retailers
5 Alibaba China Internet Services & Retailing

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