Plaza Mayor Xativa is owned by VERACRUZ

Plaza Mayor Xativa is owned by VERACRUZ

Veracruz Properties to pay dividend of €0.2039 per share.

Veracruz Properties‘ board of directors has approved a total gross dividend distribution to shareholders of € 480,000, on account of the result of the 2018 fiscal year. The Valencia-based Spanish REIT has a share price of €32.8 as at market close on the 27th of August and a market capitalization of €77,201,200. The dividend that will be distributed to all those who have bought shares up until the 27th of August of 2018 and whose trades have been settled and recorded in IBERCLEAR at close of business on August 29, 2018, is as follows:

Last trading date 27 August 2018
Ex – date 28 August 2018
Record – date 29 August 2018
Date of dividend payment 30 August 2018
Total gross dividend € 480,000
Gross dividend, € per share €0.203934231

At the date of accrual, last trading date, the gross amount will be recalculated and the designated payment agent is Banco Sabadell.

The property fund, which has Salvador Fondeur Mendoza as its CEO, entered the Spanish market in 2014 with the acquisition of 2 shopping centres in the region of Valencia (Plaza Mayor de Gandia & Plaza Mayor de Xàtiva). Veracruz also owns El Arcangel Shopping Centre in Andalusia and Parla Natura in the region of Madrid as well as 2 retirement homes, 1 office building and 1 plot of land.

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