QPQ invests in flats in Madrid & Campello

Newly listed Spanish REIT, QPQ, has closed the acquisition of 18 properties in the region of Madrid and the coastal town of Campello in Alicante.

Between the 18th and the 26th the fund has invested €1,472,500 in the acquisition of 18 residential properties which are rented by their management company «AlquilerSeguro S.A.U». According to the group, the average gross initial return is 7.34% on the purchase price

Spanish REIT “Quid Pro Quo Alquiler Seguro SOCIMI, S.A.“ made its debut on the 10th of July and is presided by Gustavo Rossi (President & CEO), along with his partner Antonio Carroza. The main shareholders include former CIO of hedge fund BBVA&Partners, León Bartolomé, as well as board member of Tubos Reunidos, Alfonso Barandiarán. As at close of business today, the REIT’s trade at 1.18, up 18% since it was launched.

The following table shows the breakdown of QPQ’s latest acquisition:

Address City (Region) GLA (m²)
Calle Alegría 4, 3º Izq. Madrid 58
Calle Benimámet 29, 3º Izq. Madrid 56
Calle Sierra Morena 4, 2º1 Madrid 54
Avenida San Diego 47, 1º Izq. Madrid 33
Calle Marineros 25, 1º Izq. Madrid 57
Calle Las Marismas 57, 2ºC & Garage Madrid 82
Calle Palomares 75, Esc. 1 3ºA Madrid 71
Calle Mateo García 8, Bajo A Madrid 57
Calle Decoradores 3, 1º1 Madrid 46
Avenida Abrantes 92, 3ºB Madrid 86
Calle Escalona 43, 3º Izq. Madrid 71
Calle Madridejos 61, Bajo Dcha. Madrid 44
Avenida del Metro 8 3ºB Attic. El Campello (Alicante) 90
Calle Ascao 47, 2º B Madrid 50
Plaza Miraflor 2, 9º A Fuenlabrada (Madrid) 69
Calle Azcoitia 30, 4º C Madrid 55
Calle Ferrocarril 22, Esc. 1, 1º 2 Pinto (Madrid) 70
Calle San Basilio 10, Bajo Izq. Madrid 59
Total 1,108






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