Blackstone invests in Spanish Real Estate

Blackstone lists Torbel, its 4th residential Spanish REIT.

Torbel Investments 2015, Blackstone‘s fourth residential subsidiary in Spain, debuted on the Madrid Alternative Stock Market (MAB) at a price per share of €11.45 euros and market cap of €92.2 million. The SOCIMI has a portfolio of 2,495 homes, parking spaces, premises and storage rooms and was the ninth listing on the MAB so far during 2018.

The properties are located in Spain’s 17 autonomous regions and in the autonomous city of Ceuta on the African continent, with the greatest concentration of properties located in the regions of Valencia, Catalonia and Madrid.

Blackstone, is indirectly, through various funds, a majority shareholder of three other Spanish REITs: Fidere Patrimonio, Albirana Properties and Corona Patrimonial.

Renta 4 Corporate was the registered advisor of this new SOCIMI and Renta 4 Banco acts as a liquidity provider.

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